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Keywords: situated cognition, constructivist learning, intrinsic motivation, bottom-up self-programming, individuation, theory of enaction, developmental learning, artificial sense-making, biologically inspired cognitive architectures, agnostic agents (without ontological assumptions about the environment).

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ernest 7 in e-puck

Here is Ernest 7 in an e-puck robot.

We implemented "touch" with the infrared sensors available on the front, left, and right side of the robot. The range of these sensors was set to approximately 5cm. When Ernest "touches", the corresponding led flashes. When the touching detects a wall, the two additional leds on the rear flash. When it bumps into a wall, all the leds flash.The symbols in the trace are the same as previously.

This video shows that Ernest learns to touch ahead before moving forward to avoid bumping, and learns to turn when it reaches a wall.

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