Olivier Georgeon's research blog—also known as the story of little Ernest, the developmental agent.

Keywords: situated cognition, constructivist learning, intrinsic motivation, bottom-up self-programming, individuation, theory of enaction, developmental learning, artificial sense-making, biologically inspired cognitive architectures, agnostic agents (without ontological assumptions about the environment).

Thursday, July 9, 2009


EVOLUTIONIST: A "trial and error" method that keeps what works.
PRAGMATIC: Knowledge is used to fulfill goals and satisfactions: "Meaning is use".
SELF-ORIENTED: An "unsupervised learning" that may however use pedagogical situations.
LEARNING: A knowledge acquisition that participates to the agent's development.
CONSTRUCTIVIST: as opposed to "Platonist", knowledge is not "discovered" but "constructed".
BOTTOM-UP: higher-level goals are constructed to better fulfill lower-level inborn satisfactions.

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