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Keywords: situated cognition, constructivist learning, intrinsic motivation, bottom-up self-programming, individuation, theory of enaction, developmental learning, artificial sense-making, biologically inspired cognitive architectures, agnostic agents (without ontological assumptions about the environment).

Monday, December 6, 2010

Java Ernest 7.2 in Vacuum

We put Ernest 7.2 back to the Vacuum environment to provide an example implementation of the Ernest Java class.

As we can see in this example video, the Java version is much faster than the Soar version. In fact, we had to slow the Java version down with timers to be able to see something.

This experiment uses the following settings:
- [move forward, succeed, 5] Ernest enjoys moving forward.
- [move forward, fail, -8] Ernest hates bumping walls.
- [turn left or right, succeed, 0] Ernest is indifferent of turning toward an empty square.
- [turn left or right, fail, -5] Ernest dislikes turning toward a wall.
- [touch, succeed, -1] Ernest slightly dislikes touching walls.
- [touch, fail, 0] Ernest is indifferent of touching empty squares.

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