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Keywords: situated cognition, constructivist learning, intrinsic motivation, bottom-up self-programming, individuation, theory of enaction, developmental learning, artificial sense-making, biologically inspired cognitive architectures, agnostic agents (without ontological assumptions about the environment).

Friday, November 4, 2011

Ernest in NetLogo

Please click here to try the demonstration of Ernest 8 in NetLogo. This demonstration was developed by  Ilias Sakellariou with the University of Macedonia.

We kept Ernest's algorithm in Java. We developed a NetLog extension to access Ernest's java algorithm from within NetLogo. We called this extension IMOS (Intrinsic MOtivation System). Like the Ernest algorithm, IMOS is open source. We are happy to share it and provide all necessary support.

IMOS allows you to easily include environment-agnostic intrinsically motivated agents in your NetLogo models.

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